Shigemori Mirei
Shigemori Mirei

Shigemori Mirei, Creator of Spiritual Spaces

The Great masters of Gardens of Kyoto 1


Shigemori Mirei (1896-1975) was not a conventional gardener. he was a scholar and author of numerous books. He was also trained in painting, flower arrangement and tea ceremony. His ideal was to break out of the strict divisions and rules observed by the traditional schools and allow a fresh breeze to bring in creativity. But he was too far ahead of his time for these pursuits, and instead expressed his talent primarily through garden creations. Based on a deep knowledge of Japanese traditions but free from formalities, he pursued his own aesthetic and spiritual ideal to create outstanding, avant-garde works throughout Japan. This book presents his main gardens in Kyoto, from his first masterpiece in Tofuku-ji Temple to his posthumously completed work for Matsuo-taisha Shrine.

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