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Natural Bamboo Grater “Onioroshi”

Japanese Bamboo Kitchen Tools


The “Oni-oroshi” is a handcrafted bamboo grater, a specialty tool used to make soft grated white radish called “Daikon Oroshi”. Grated white radish is consumed in many ways in Japanese cuisine . Served with Tempura, grilled fish, noodles, and many other meals.Contrary to the coarse appearance of the blades, Daikon Oroshi made with this product has a fluffy sensation, maximizing flavor and nutrients.  This is a useful kitchen tool for professional and home chefs looking to upscale their Japanese cuisine.

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Product Information
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3.5″W x 11.75″ Long

Care & Use
  • Not dishwasher safe.  Handwashing is recommended for this product.
  • Do not use rugged cleaning tools such as scrub brushes, metal scouring pads, harsh abrasive, steel wool, and scouring powder.
  • This bamboo product is best stored in a well ventilated area.

These bamboo products are hand crafted with natural material. Size, color, texture, and shapes can have slight variation.