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Kiriko Tea Glass Bowl “SHIPPO”

Edo Kiriko “SHIPPO”


EDO KIRIKO Tee Glass bowl that’s handmade by the craftsman in Tokyo Japan. This hand-blown glass conveys textural warmth, which is unachievable in machine-made, is produced by the master craftsman. This artisanal glass surface is inscribed and engraved the designed patterns one by one. It gives you comfort when you hold it with your hand. EDO KIRIKO is Japan’s traditional craft of engraving on glass since 1834. Good for hot / cold tea or small dishes.

If the item is out-of-stock, it will be approximate 2-3 weeks lead time after you place an order. Please note that it will be special order as it is handmade noting that all special order including non-stocked orders are non-returnable.

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3.5”dia x 2.25”h 7oz.cap.

Care & Use
  • Heat-resistance.
  • Recommend washing by hand only.
  • Please handle it gently and carefully. If desired, carefully polish with a lint free cloth.
  • Do not use metal scouring pads, harsh abrasive, steel wool, scouring powder as it may scratch and weaken the glassware.
  • Using dishwasher, oven, microwave, freezer are not recommended.

Due to hand-blown product, the size and shape and pattern of the product may slightly vary and may have small bubble in glassware.