Hasami and Kalita coffee dripper
Hasami and Kalita coffee dripperkalita x hasami coffee dripper

Kalite x Hasami coffee dripper 101



Kalita has been particular about controlling the filtration rate, which dramatically affects the coffee flavor. This coffee dripper is brushed up with delicate craftsmanship and state of the art digital technology. The dripper body is finished thin to the point of translucency where light can filter through, yet made to be durable. The dripper base ifeatures Karita’s iconic 3-hole, surrounded by protrusions and sharp ribs which allow the coffee filter to float at an ideal height.  This artisan product was possible through collaboration of Karita’s expertise in coffee, and craftmanship of Hasami ceramic products.

The functional design is called “Kalita style”.
Kalita drippers have three holes. The feature of this is that only deliciousness is dripped before the bitterness comes out. Approx.10g of ground coffee is recommended for one serving

Serving 1-2 cup

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Product Information
Area of production

Hasami, Nagasaki

Made of



3.75”dia x 2.75”h





Care & Use


  • Dishwasher-safe but, hand wash is recommended to keep the product in good condition for longer period.
  • Using the product in under direct fire is prohibited.

Please be aware that there may be slight variations of color due to different settings of individual monitors and photographic methods.