w/ Japanese Brush Pen

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This is a bespoke DARUMA handmade by craftsmen in Japan. Our original DARUMA is designed based on the idea of Japanese traditional “DARUMA Doll”, which is a symbol of good luck, protection, and welfare. “Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight” is a Japanese proverb and represents getting on with life.
Each DARUMA comes with a Japanese black writhing brush pen. You paint in one of DARUMA’s eyes to make a wish. Once your wish comes true, paint in the other eye to celebrate your achievement gratefully as done in Japan.


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Product Information
Area of production

Takasaki, Gunma

Set of

One DARUMA doll w/ a Japanese black brush pen


Hard paper craft

Approx Measurement

W4”xH4.5” (dia:4”), 150g



Care & Use

DARUMA is a paper-craft made by traditional technique.
It’s Color might be changed by the condition of use. This is natural occurrence that may result from being made from natural material.
Please follow the care instruction to keep the condition.
Using or Placing in watery place is prohibited.
Wipe with dried fabric or use feather duster to remove dust.
We do not recommend placing DARUMA outside.
The DARUMA doll in Japanese culture represents a talisman of good luck and fortune. Traditionally the roly poly paper mache dolls are given in the beginning of the new year to sets an intention/goal and colors in either one the eyes.