Glass Tumbler – Checkered

Time-honored pattern “ICHIMATSU”


This beautiful artisanal drinking glass with expertly curved to have a sleek round appearance in the motif of the floor bud was hand-blown by skilled craftsmen in Tokyo Japan. This glassware is produced by using a special technique called “Nyuhaku Aburidashi” to create checkered patterns that is a traditional Ichimatsu design.

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Product Information
Area of production


Made of





Hirota Glass


3.5”dia x 3.75”h 11oz cap

Care & Use
  • Non heat-resistance.
  • Recommend washing by hand only.
  • If desired, carefully polish with a lint free cloth.
  • Do not use metal scouring pads, harsh abrasive, steel wool, scouring powder as it may scratch and weaken the glassware.
  • Using dishwasher, oven, microwave, freezer are not recommended

Due to hand-blown product, the size and shape and pattern of this product may slightly vary and may have small bubble in glassware. Due to different settings of individual monitors and photographic methods, actual items may slightly differ from this photo.