Stackable Kitchen Tools (Set of 6)

Grind, Grate, Squeeze, Store & Preserve.


Grind, Grate, Squeeze, Store, & Preserve Ceramic Kitchen Tools Set (including a wooden pestle)

A ceramic stackable kitchen tools, including a grinder (mortar), juicer, garlic/ginger/wasabi grater, utensil holder, lid/dish and wooden pestle. Such as grinding, squeezing normally done in kitchen can be done right-on the dining room table with these beautiful functional porcelain pieces gives freshness to foods. These pieces are also good for preparation of baby food.

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Product Information


Area of production

Arita, Saga

Made of





Lid: 4”dia x 0.375”h Utensil holder: 4”dia x 1.5”h Grinder: 4”dia x 1.375”h Juicer: 4”dia x 2.36”h Grater: 4”dia x 1.2”h Wooden Pestle:4”long

Set of

6 ( including wooden pestle)

Care & Use
  • Before using, recommend to Immerse the porcelain to water or warm water more than 10 minutes to avoid the ware gets oily or dusty.
  • Microwave and Dishwasher-safe.
  • Using the product in under direct fire is prohibited.

The size and shape of the product may slightly vary. Please be aware that there may be slight variations of color due to different settings of individual monitors and photographic methods.