Minoware Japanese Sake Cup Ikkonhai
Minoware Japanese Sake Cup IkkonhaiShot-Sake Mini Cup Wangurimini-sake-cup-ikkonhai-02-

Mini Sake Cups “IKKONHAI”

Mino-ware, Set of 4


Four different shape cups for you to enjoy and gain familiarity with Japanese sake. You may realize that sake tastes different in each cup. Choose one depending on the type of sake, food, and your mood.

- Straight Shape for light and clean sake
- Rappa (Trumpet) Shape to enjoy sake aroma
- Wanguri (Bowl) shape for tasting rice umami
- Tsubomi (Flower-bud) Shape to enjoy the richness of sake

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Product Information
Area of production

Toki, Gifu

Made of


Set of





- Straight: DIA 45mm × H 70 mm (60ml)
– Rappa: DIA 70mm × H 55 mm (60ml)
– Wanguri: DIA 60mm × H 50 mm (60ml)
– Tsubomi: DIA 50mm × H 60 mm (60ml)



Care & Use
  • Before using, recommend to Immerse the porcelain to water or warm water more than 10 minutes to avoid the ware gets oily or dusty.
  • Microwave and Dishwasher-safe but, Do not heat it for long, which may cause it to break.
  • Using the product in oven or under direct fire is prohibited.

The product may slightly vary. These may have color unevenness because of the pigment and glaze. Please be aware that there may be slight variations of color due to different settings of individual monitors and photographic methods.