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Masu Box Set (set of 4)

Traditional square wooden box


MASU is a traditional cooking utencil used to measure rice, grain, sake, and oil. Its crafting has taken place for 1,300 years using the Japanese Cypress, valued for its warmth and soothing fragrance. The technique to craft the square box with fine precision has been passed down by ancient craftsmen, and still is practiced by Japanese artisans. The set includes four sizes of MASU BOXES, the 1-shou-masu, 5-gou-masu, 2.5-gou-masu, and 1-gou-masu. With such variety of sizes, you will surely a MASU to perfectly fit your life style.

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Product Information
Area of production

Ogaki, Gifu

Made of

Hinoki wood




1-Gou: 3.25″x3.25″x2.125″
2.5-Gou: 4.5″x4.5″x2.5″
5-Gou: 5.5″x5.5″x2.9″
1-Sho: 6.8″x6.8″3.7″

Set of


Care & Use
  • It is Safe to use MASU directly for daily consumption purposes as Japanese Cypress is a very safe material and the MASU have been created in a controlled environment.
  • To care for your MASU, please briefly rinse immediately after use and let air dry.
  • Do not place in a dishwasher, leave submerged in water for extended periods, or use in a microwave, and oven
  • Avoid storing in hot and humid places or in direct sun light as rapid drying may cause cracks and gaps.
  • Frequent and repeated use may result in leaks that are caused by the constant expansion and contraction of wood.
  • Never use abrasive cleaners or scouring pad such as steel wool, scouring powder.

Due to handcrafted product, the size, and shape of this product may have slight differences. Please be aware that there may be slight variations of color due to different settings of individual monitors and photographic methods.