komasuji condiment canister set
komasuji condiment canister set

KOMASUJI Condiment Case Set

ARITA porcelain lab


This porcelain set is released by KIHARA, a popular porcelain brand in Japan from Arita that combines 400 years of tradition with innovative design to create unique products.
The KOMASUJI Condiment Case Set includes a soy sauce pot, 2 condiment canisters, and 2 condiment spoons.
The line pattern applied to the porcelain is called “KOMASUJI”, evoked from the Japanese spinning top. This traditional pattern represents the characteristic of “continuously flowing”, thought to bring “good flow in work and life”.

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Product Information
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Arita, Saga

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soy sauce pot : φ4.5 H5.5cm 50cc
condiment canister : φ5.8 H5.5cm

Care & Use
  • Before using, recommend to Immerse the porcelain to water or warm water more than 10 minutes to avoid the ware gets oily or dusty.

The size and shape of the product may slightly vary. These may have color unevenness because of the glaze.