Kawara material for Japanese Garden

Ibushi-Kawara is a high-quality ceramic material created by the same craftsmen that conducted the restoration project of Himeji Castle, a national monument listed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1993.
“Ibushi”refers to the fumigation process taken at the final stage of crafting. This process creates a layer of carbon molecules on the surface of the Ibushi-Kawara, which prevents degradation from rain, snow, and frost. This extra step gives life to Japanese wood architecture, allowing it to stand strong for over 100 years.
Ibushi-Kawara not only excels in durability, it is known for its beautiful color and luster, exemplified on the roof tops of traditional Japanese architecture. In traditional craft, the Ibushi-Kawara is created in S-shaped tiles, creating a wave pattern along the roofline of the architecture. The cityscape created by these rooflines are thought to be one of the foundational aesthetics of Japanese people.
The Ibushi-Kawara is sometimes used in Japanese gardens, creating a tasteful environment for its users.

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Product Information
Area of production

Himeji, Hyogo


Smoked Kawara (Soil and Carbon)


Ibushi Silver Gray

Care & Use

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Photo shown on this website is for conceptual purpose only. Actual product may vary in sizes, colors, and shapes due to handcrafted natural material product.