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Glass Tumbler “KOSHI” set of 3

Authentic Tokyo Glassware


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The set includes three glasses with pettern called ” KOSHI”

This beautiful artisanal glass tumbler was made by skilled craftsmen in Tokyo Japan. This glassware is produced by using a special technique called “Nyuhaku Aburidashi” to create  patterns.

The ” Aburidashi technique,which involves the shaping of glass in patterned mold to create opalescent colored designs in the glass surface, is a classic, old world glass making technique that enjoyed widespread popularity in Japan during the Meiji ( 1868-1912) and taisho(1912-1926) Periods, hence the name Taisho Roman ( ticism) Nowadays, it is rare to find glassware made using this technique with the exception of select antique glassware shops.

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Product Information
Area of production


Made of



Clear with pattern

Set of



3.5”dia x 3.75”h 11oz cap Diameter 71mm height 66mm


Hirota Glass

Care & Use
  • Non heat-resistance.
  • Recommend washing by hand only.
  • Do not use metal scouring pads, harsh abrasive, steel wool, scouring powder as it may scratch and weaken the glassware.
  • Using dishwasher, oven, microwave, refrigerator are not recommended

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