Aritaware Soy Sauce pitcher 01
Aritaware Soy Sauce pitcher 01Aritaware Soysauce pitcher03Arita ware Soy Sauce Pitcher 02Soy Sauce pitcher & Salt  Pepper

Arita Houen Soy Sauce Pitcher

KIHARA Arita-ware


This ceramic modern square shape Soy Sauce Pitcher, designed by Japanese Designer Motomi Kawakami, is incredibly function. The spout of the pitcher is designed to prevent sauce to spill to the body which enables this Pitcher to maintain the clean body. This Soy Sauce Pitcher is perfect companion piece to contemporary style tableware on your table.

KIHARA, a popular porcelain brand in the city of ARITA in Japan, renowned for its porcelain work. KIHARA combines 400 years of ARITA-ware tradition with innovative designs in order to create unique products.

ARITA-ware is a porcelain design style established in the city of ARITA that has over 400 years of its history.

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Product Information
Area of production

Arita, Saga

Made of





2” x 2”x 3.25”h

Care & Use
  • Before using, recommend to Immerse the porcelain to water or warm water more than 10 minutes to avoid the ware gets oily or dusty.
  • Hand wash is recommended to keep the product in good condition for longer period.
  • Using the product in under direct fire is prohibited.

The size and shape of the product may slightly vary. These may have color unevenness because of the glaze.