AcryWarlon-01P2-CRP80-CRP83-CRP85-CRP52-CRP81-CRAcryWarlon-02Acry WarlonAW SheetAW Sheet

Acrylic Shoji Sheet

WARLON Acrylic Sheet with Rice Paper pattern

“AcryWarlon” acrylic sheet is made of thin printed acrylic film layered on acrylic sheet. Can be heated to form custom shapes. Highly water-resistant and weather-resistant.

For more details about this material, please contact us using the form below. We also welcome special consultations such as the suggestions on design ideas and construction technique, the coordination of designers and constructors, etc.
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Product Information
Style #

P2-CR (Unryu)
P52-CR (Muji)
P80-CR (Kinari-Unryu)
P81-CR (Kinari-Muji)
P83-CR (Ara-Unryu)
P85-CR (Kinari-Ara-Unryu)

Area of production

Nagoya, Aichi


Printed Film on Acrylic Sheet




910 mm x 1820 mm
1000 mm x 2000 mm
Thk: 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 5mm

Care & Use
  • Ask for detail

Lead Time
Usually, 1-2 weeks (Please ask us to make sure your estimate delivery time) Once your order is confirmed, we cannot accept cancellation or return for this item.

Photo shown on this website is for conceptual purpose only. Actual product may vary in sizes, colors, texture, and pattern due to handcrafted natural material product.